Balázs finished his studies in 210 as painter on the Hungarian Fine Art University. His masterworks- inspired by the monster-esthetic ’s formlanguage- were famous about the specially up-used materials- such as mud and Polyurethane foams.

He is a real experimental.

He established an unique clothing brand, the B-KUND during the last year of the university studies. Balázs prepared pullovers with vivid color and extrem prints made of chinese towers at on early stage. Thanks to the graphic possibilities of the machine-knitted wears his focused producing knitted pullovers and huge knitted pictures about mithological matters. During the process his drawn pixels come throw analogue and digital graphic edition. Exaltating the subject and the speciality of the technic , he builds huge frames to his gigant knitted pictures- draws parallels not only with the altar-pieces, than with the gods of the modern world: flatron Tv-s. Most of his works has been exhibited in Budapest, but the knitted art wears are also available in Germany.

During the last years the interesting of Balázs turned to the world of the videos- he began to create experimental music-videos and live act sets for the GazsiRap Show. Together with Gáspár Szőke -painter friend, visual collaborator and athelier mate of Balázs- they began to build up an oner animation project: the Universe of “Ő” . The developing project is a fiction but reality based mithological story about a parallel world. The first public theather presentation were organised in the MU Theater in 2014. The Univers of Balázs is still growing.


"...I love to bring the art into the middle of the public, to give modern way references for tradition and mythological motives. ..."