The Sons of the regime change implicates a contemporary Cross-Art, primly Fine Art exhibition affiliated with an educational project.

The participants of the exhibition are young internationally acknowledged artists stemming from the ex-eastern bloc, witnessing the fall of the iron curtain in their infancy, growing up in the 80’s and 90’s.

Their work subject is related to their childhood, infantile toys – construing the path from the duality of the past ages followed by splintering, fragmenting into a mosaic-esque recovery from the shivers and bits.


Tchiburashka, Süsü the Dragon, pedal tin car Moskvitch, lory knick-knack as birthday present


The aim of the exhibition is to evoke the sentiments of the zeitgeist. Reflecting on the Childhood lived in the Socialist-era and beyond: demonstrating the exactitude of the alteration, the mechanism of frittering and reconstructing and the autotherapy itself.

The process of in which the artists have had to learn the change of the cultural spheres and cope with it: swap socialism for democracy, throw off the obligatory pioneer neckerchief, leave behind the mind-conditioning and pre-programming yet fit into a new system built on independent choices where you will have to stick-out for yourself.

Their work reflect the lost ground caused by the ceased social foundations and the void to take over: a quarry of possibilities, restating rules whereby creating a system it is one persons duty and responsibility.

A common line among the creations are the re-makes of antique collections, the use of recycling materials, honouring old masters still applying modern idiom.

Although the Sons of the Regime Change project pictures a series of events dating 25 years back it’s relevancy today is perhaps more adequate than ever: leaving cultural roots behind, starting over within different regulations and new social environment millions have to cope with due to the process of migration.

The aim of the exhibition is to sense and to promote tolerance with the use of childlike language, presenting feasible ways to recover.







"...Contemporary Art-Exhibition, Educational Project..."