We share, that “Art, washes away from the soul  the dust of everyday life”.

Our alliance is based upon the similar values and ideas we share. Trust in ambition and each-other, confidence in values and order of life are our motives.

We are widely-traveled, independent, open-minded people. As young and active participators of subcultural and self-organised cultural circles of Budapest, we look at the urban and social changes  susceptible,  support plenty of growing initiatives

We feel at home in the cultural  mediums of other foreign big cities, we have travelled, lived and worked a lot in abroad.


We have coordinated a theatre festival in the framework of the Mobility Week, which attracted hundreds of thousands of people, and which won the European Mobility Week Award in 2008, we have organized an international cross art project, which was presented on Fabricca Europa and on the Sziget Festival in Budapest, and we have also managed a multicultural pop event in Istanbul with the participation of 17 countries.

We would like to share all this knowlegde with others.

We believe the more people speak the language of art, the better world will become.


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