Ágota was born in Romania part of a hungarian family. After a year in Lahti Polytechnic Institute of Design in Finnland, she finished her University in 2007 as master of architect, in the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design.


In 2007 she won the Diploma Award, proposal of head of the jury of Diploma Committee Stempel Jan (Cz).

Her works are famous about the clear-out view, and reflects harmony with the nature. She loves the art handiwork- part of the building design she builds many muck-ups.

Together with her ex-classmate Linda Csővári in 2010 they established the Fló Architect, which became one of the most well known young Architect Studio in Hungary, thanks to their very first award winning project: aquaMART, the hypermodern 700 sqm based,  mobile saniter showroom.


"...The practice of presence preoccupies and entertains me. I perceive my situation moment by moment; I recognize my conduct and my destiny. There is only this moment and the present state of my mind defines the next moment. So what do you want today, right now? Just do it! ..."
Ágota Demeter, master of architect