Zsili graduated at MA Graphic Design and Painter Faculty of Hungarian Fine Art University, Budapest, in 2007. He has many various talents for creation: oilcanvas, graphics with line drawings, wood- and porcelain objects, interiors. He respects the artistic knowledge, the tradition, the figures of the art history, but he prefers the innovation.

In 2007 at the “Best of Diploma” exhibiton at Kogart House (Budapest) and at Graphich Design Biennal in Hungary (Békéscsaba) he exhibited his book called “Black-white Stephan”.

Zsili is crossing the borders of arts genre with pleasure and easily, he likes to explore and he is working in team and also alone fruitful. The Hungarian Cultural Institute and the Hungarian Fine Art Lectorate’s board nominated his work painted and installed mural work at “Szatyor Bar and Gallery – Budapest), called “Ady’s flat boat”, for registered art work. His art pieces take place in more countries, at various cultural insititutes. Visitors could see his art works in Sqad (Barcelona), Art Fair (Bolzano), Art Market (Budapest).

"...“I see myself as a story teller creating with different objects and materials. From the very beginning I create figural, independent aesthetical values, horror vacui characters. I am interested during the creation about the free associations, I am wondering: What will the spectator to see and read about? How this person can recreate his/her own story from this motives I am creating from myself. I create art works which have different point of views and both are showing an other image, it can be distant, close or super close. I build a “fractal world” which has layers on each other, just as the human spiritual, soul, and physical world. Its complicated system is similar as the levels of Samsara, as God and human world of mithological stories. " ..."
Babos Bertalan painter, sculpture builder