I have been experimenting in various fields and I am familiar with painting, graphic design, photography, as well as visual design and creating models and different objects.

I am also a qualified chinaware painter and for several years I worked as a chinaware restorer. This atmosphere has made a deep impression on me, and has become a strong influence on my work.

Paintings by me often feature stiff china figures or porcelain decorative motifs. Some of the frequently appearing symbols are: flowers and plant motifs, figures without faces and icon-like pictures of animals. My photography has a theatrical and model-like quality, too. Whether it is a documentary or an art photograhy, I am looking for rigid and static scenes.

While working on statuettes I often use fractions of fine art pieces, fragments of porcelain or time-worn toys, etc. so I associate several distinct materials. The findings begin to redefine and recycle themselves in respects for art’s sake. Because they serve a unique role in a tale therefore you can not standardize the production of these sculptures…