Roland Horváth is a classical painter , had won several art awards and prices such as: Domonovszky-, Barcsay-, Herman Lipót-Award, Derkovits-Scholarship.

He is official member of the Hungarian Artist Unity (MAOE) from 2003, member of the Sensaria Artist Assotiation from 2004 , member of the Hungarian Studio of Young Artists’ Association (SYAA) from 2010, Artist of the Kunszt Foundation from 2012.

HIs artworks featured about the classical still lifes, paysage, decollage comisitions. Recurring themes are the bottles, flowers, plush animals, children toys, industrial elements, machine internals.

His style is recognisable about his averseness from the concrete delineation of items, he feels attach only to epigraphy of the colours of the reverberant lights.

His artworks had been exhibited in such famous Museums and Galleries as: Hungarian National Gallery, Ana Cristea Gallery in New York.

"...Painting for me is a medium with a constant reflection, it is able to transfer my desires, attractions, repulsions from my very inside ..."
Roland Horváth, painter