In 2001, back in Eger I have started to deal with art. The reason for that, was that I could luckily enter the College of Károly Eszterházy, where I could come out only after six years, they had eyes filled with tears. My masters were so enthusiastic about giving me the essence of art that I couldn’t even prove my ability with a second place of the OTDK – National Student Conference, so I won it two years later.  After that, my brain started to be occupied with Chinese paintings, the ‘one color’ pictures and concrete moldings…

Szabolcs explores the potential of a diverse range of media including photography, film, performance in order for it to serve as a tool in his own re-examination of concerns related to history and conceptual art practice in which there is always a time or location displacement. He had several solo exhibition all over the country and also has shown his works in the Nationa Art Galery, in the VAN Design Center, Csók István Gallery, Telep Galery, Szatyor Bár, Gödör Klubb.

In 2010 one of his art works, the Painted Gömböc was exhibited in the Contemptorary Art Museum of Shanghai, China.

"...I am who I am, born in 1981, and still living...."